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  • city Togliati
    Tennis Centre, 5 courts, AC Play Cushion

  • city Penza
    Stadium "Alliance", 6 courts AC Play Cushion, 2005.

  • Republic of Kazakhstan, city Rudniy.
    AC Play Universal. 2002

  • city Minsk,
    AC Play Cushion. 2008.

  • city Saint-Petersburg,
    Tennis Centre, 4 courts AC Play Cushion, 2009.

Our surface coatings technologies propose:

  • Acrylic method of smoothing an asphalt and concrete grounds’ roughness
  • Multilayered coating (from 5 to 12 layers), where each layer has a proper function. Special preparative layers of  “black overlap” provide a homogeneous ground(’s properties) for successive coating layers.
  • Steadiness and maintenance of elasticity in very low temperatures.
  • Multilayered rubber-acrylic smoothing gaskets of several types.
  • Colored basic and finishing layers with a distinctive texture. The coating texture determines the ball speed on the surface and the resistance to deterioration. It guarantees consistent playing characteristics on the whole surface, regardless of the original characteristics of the ground
  • Specific fabric of the surface assuring a smooth steady rebound – this is what attracts tennis professionals and nonpros.
  • Special synthetic fillers regulating the rebound speed in a wide range – from fast to very slow.

Surfaces: Al Surfaces

AC Play Hard


“Pure” Hard – three-, four- and fifth- layered coating made of selected acryl compositions. It is used for tennis and universal kinds of sport. It is possible to get to the required coating characteristics by varying a number of layers and their composition. This coating is used for both indoor and outdoor court surfaces, even in the conditions of the severe continental climate. The possibility and expedience of using one or another ACPlay system is conditioned by: a kind, porosity, flatness of the base, and a required period of the exploitation until the first repair.

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AC Play Cushion


AC Play Cushion is a Softened of Soft Hard coating for tennis: the use of additional rubber-acrylic Cushion-layers provides a more comfortable experience and a medium speed of rebound. Such surfaces are used in the tournaments of the Grand Slams: Australia Open, US Open.

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AC Play Regupol


The coatings AC Play Regupol are used as a variant of Club Comfort Soft Coating for tennis or as a universal coating for a soccer and volleyball. The choice of a cushion’s roll thickness is defined by a required softness of the surface and by a price. The final surface has a more smooth texture than the typical Hard.

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AC Play Universal


AC Play Universal coatings are seamless, soft, lasting for universal kinds of sport. It may be used for children playgrounds. Ac Play Universal is a kind of Cushion systems, when the finishing layers are made of coloured rubber-acrylic materials.

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AC Play Skateboard


AС Play Skateboard is a four- of five-layered coating on asphalt, concrete or wooden base. It is used as a main surface coating on rolling grounds. This coating is fine for universal sport grounds, such as urban playgrounds and schools. It can be manufactured in a variety of colours.

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Short periods of materials delivery, optimal conditions for the repair and reconstruction of the surface during the whole period of exploitation – we support you!
We have built more than 250 court surfaces

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All components of the coatings are made of ecologically friendly materials without mercury and asbestos admixture, without odor

From 2006 twuy tournaments chez Russia, ATP Challenger, atop AC Play:


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